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Countries with poor English-language skills also have lower levels of trade, innovation and income, according to a report released last week. The report ranks 54 countries where English is not a native language, with...
by Tonsung Eduzones
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Inside their five-storey Georgian town house, the students of the New College of the Humanities in London are sitting in the conservatory, happily munching on their lecturers chocolate biscuits. Waitrose, no less. Not...
by Tonsung Eduzones
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University of Birmingham a member of the elite Russell Group will distribute up to a quarter of undergraduate places this year based on teachers own predictions of pupils performance. It is making 1,000 unconditional...
by Tonsung Eduzones
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The proposed MSc Econ in connectivity was described as a highly interdisciplinary pioneering course through which you can engage with the evolving communications revolution that is defining the course of the early 21st...
by Tonsung Eduzones
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Students at Ningbo Secondary School in Chinas Zhejiang province (shown on the computer screen) ask questions of teenagers in teacher Fan Lis Chinese-language class at Oxford High School in Oxford, Mich. The January...
by Tonsung Eduzones
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